Flight attendant shares strictest rules cabin crew has to follow while working

All jobs come with their own rules and guidelines that employees have to follow, but some positions are stricter than others.

For instance, we all know that being in the military is tough and recently one woman has admitted that when she first started in her job, she felt it was very similar to that.

Kat Kamalani has been sharing travel tips and cabin crew secrets over on TikTok, where she has amassed over 682,000 followers.

The flight attendant from the US, frequently goes viral and most recently she’s captured attention for her video on the “super strict” guidelines that cabin crew have to follow when working.

It’s no secret that flight attendants always look perfectly made up and chic on planes – and that’s because they can get into serious trouble if anything about their look isn’t “on point”.

In the clip, Kat explains: “Here are some shocking rules that you have to follow if you are a flight attendant.

“So what most people don’t know is that you have to follow a super strict guideline when you’re a flight attendant, your airline gets to dictate everything from head to toe on the way you look, so your nail colour, hair colour, your lip colour, your make-up, the way your shoes look, your bags… every single thing.

“When I was in training, they had a whole entire team dedicated to the way you look and making sure you’re on point, you can’t have any tattoos showing, the length of your dress or your uniform, the way you tie your bow – it was super strict, I swear that I felt like I was in the military because of how strict they are.”

She adds: “And when you’re flying around and if you have a manager in an airport and they see you’re off guideline, you can get in big trouble, so being a flight attendant is super strict on the way you look.”

Thousands of people have watched and liked the video, with many sharing their shock about the rules – and some arguing it’s “outdated”.

One person replied: “That’s so outdated! They shouldn’t be allowed to dictate that much.”

Another wrote: “Something about that seems a little questionable to me…”

A third said: “Same, working at the airport for the airlines had to wear heels at all times, certain nail polish allowed, hair must be up and the list goes on.”

Kat later added in the comments that the rules are in place because airlines want their flight attendants to look “very unison”.